We Adore : Nutella

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Rich, tasty, delight

Delectable, sweezy and bright

Sixty years ago or so

Pietro Ferrero created you 0h Woah!


When chocolates were scarce and pricey,

We never thought,

You would enter so fiercely.


You worked so hard

Still failed so large because

You gave a general call for

“Eat this with everything”.

This made us clumsy and confused

And thought to ignore you.


But you stood up,

You played and not failed.

You re-positioned it

“Eat this with breakfast”.


In 2009, you taught us

How delicious it tastes

With waffles, toasts and bagels.


A dollop in strawberries & bananas

is Enough to make us Oh La La.

A sandwich filling orImage result for tasty nutella

A cupcake flooding

None thrilled us just like you do.


You cherish the smile of millions (esp. mom)

Who toss you on salad,

Who pour you on multi grain bread,

Who wrap you with chapatti,

so that her child remain fit and healthy.


You brought hordes of foodies at your feet

Never wonder how glutton we would be!

Your heavenly taste we adore

Because nothing goes to waste which we abhor.


You are so rich, so incredibly delicious

No need for anything to stand in your way.

You gave an another reason

To love you back

More than prior

And deeper than ever.


Dear Nutella, you are now our obsession

We could eat you day and night andRelated image

still never get tired.

We wish if  we could have you in infinite supply

Nutella, Nutella, you are our only desire !










Time Machine

Every night,
When I go to sleep,
My eyes roll back
deep in my heart
As if I’m searching
To sneak back the time.

It’s dark and blue night,
And trees swaying all the side,
Near dusty scary road,
Where crowd of five sipping chai off the load.

Escaping from my warden,
I waited outside my hostel
For you to arrive –
On Royal Enfield
ofcourse two wheeler – on my demand
At a destination which
We didn’t decide yet.

On some day,
It’s a bridge or temple
A forest or a restaurant
that situated at top of the hills.
No worries for, how tall it was !

Embracing the beauty of nature,
Relishing the yellow white lights
Cuddling you from behind,
My face scintillate
just like Jugnoo in dark deep night.

And when the sparkling sun
Showered my face,
I found myself in a hostel
Away from my mumma,
A Royal Enfield amateur rider.

Realizing it a dream,
I recall those days where
we used to sneak out at night
Drive and Ride
Far from worries
Just to celebrate the love
Between you and me❤.

My India ❤

My Flag – the Tricolor
Unfurled first on Everest,
world’s most highest peak
That delivers some message
And touches your feet.

Dark saffron, Pure white and Indian Green,
Broad horizontal band in lane,
That takes you to the tour of
How India fought all odds and pain.

The golden sparrow
Once slaved by white
Who took all from us
And left quite grey and light.

Later, shed blood to get the freedom
Left mother, family and children
To serve the needy in nation.

Some served by words and thoughts
Eradicate all evil practices
And made all strong and tough.

Some served by equally distributing the land
And taught them their rights and roles.

Bright sun shone after solar eclipse,
Bestowing people with lots of hope,
Effacing all failures from the past
India achieved success best and class.

India has its unity
Whenever there’s a need
Sharing at times of crises
It’s a value sown indeed.

Talent v/s Norms

Trapped by four corners of glass,
Striving to lift my dream, the upper class.
No windows, no doors
Just hardships scream its roars.

I dream, dream with eyes in open
Little scared with what if it is broken.

Caught in the midst of dream
Floating just like boat in the sea.

Later, a thought started lingering
across my mind that
How those scars hurt all mine.

Struggled. Struggled. Struggled in rain
Fought confident for nothing to go in vain.
Got intoxicated to follow my only lane.

Then sighed my heart, “You’ve almost made it,
But you’re stuck on the same page
As everyone around
And none in your supportive ground.

I took their words like a song on repeat
And again jumped upon as I was about to hit.

Declared “Fashion Designer of the Year”.

I played my game of love
Like I’ve got no other game to aim.

Yes, Hijab may succeed in hiding my face
But it failed in suppressing my talent.
That day, I saw who I am
That day, I compared how I was.

Beware of scars.
Don’t trap your brain
Let your society mock.
Let your ideas flow.
Then all will enjoy
your true self show.

Mobile Airbag

Phones have been getting slimmer and lighter, at the same time, they are also getting edge-to-edge displays and glass builds. While this makes the phone look stunning for sure, it also becomes equally fragile. The most announced smartphone companies like Samsung and apple have definitely worked upon delivering what actually their customers want. They build an app to trace the stolen mobile phones but sadly one thing that has not been tackled well even after so many years is how much the smartphones are prone to accidental drops.

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The touchscreen phones just take a moment to bring all the investment down to zero, more so to negative if you get a replacement (for example iPhones). We’ve always been through minor heart attacks when we’ve dropped our phones and prayed that it’s alright. Shattered phones or displays are also becoming increasingly expensive to fix. Well, it seems that we have a solution to this menace after these many years.

An engineering student, Frenzel from Germany has invented a new device that looks like a “mobile airbag” that inflates during the drops. The case is quite impressive. It is deployed with spider like legs that opens only when the case senses fall. The metal spring can be folded back up into the case, ready for the next time it fall.

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Frenzel has named his invention “AD case” where AD stands for “active damping”. And it started when he broke his smartphone by hurling his jacket on the banister. The fall was so impactful that the internals of the smartphone dropped out and scattered into bits and pieces. It was then that he embarked on a research.

Another innovation was struck earlier by Honda even before the above discussed air bag. Dubbed Case N, the phone accessory acts like a protective shell and if the handset is dropped, the six airbags immediately deploy. check out the airbag from the mentioned link http://a%20class=

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  • Honda creates emergency device that gives your phone a soft landing when you drop it.
  • The accessory, dubbed Case N, can be fitted to any smartphone.
  • When the phone is dropped, six built-in airbags inside the case deploy.
  • This prevents the phone from being scratched, dented or stolen.
  • Sadly the airbag is a concept created by Honda and isn’t available to buy.


Who is he ?

That morning, I was in a hurry.
I needed to reach the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station as soon as possible, because the train was about to arrive.
The Delhi Traffic was at a bust and I had no hopes of reaching the platform anytime soon.
I booked a cab in a hurry and kept waiting. My eyes were constantly exercising over the dial.

Ahh !! Finally the cab signaled with the horn. Yes, it came pretty soon on time from what I expected it to. I rushed to the car as if I am going to handle the steering. After settling my luggage and myself, I switched on my own google maps and the small notes to ensure the driver was driving on the correct path.

I called my mother and told her that I had shared my location so she could trace me. I saw the driver looking at me from the rearview mirror. I knew he felt as if I was doubting him but, then, safety always comes first. As I kept my phone, he initiated a conversation remarking how very welI, I was aware and taking safety measures.

That was strange, I thought. My past experiences have told me that cab drivers did not like me doubting them, but here, this guy was appreciating me for doubting him. Strange !!

Being a keen observer, I observed, he was about 40 years old with a freckled face. He wore a good branded shirt and looked very determined. The sniff of his perfume was quite incensing. On the dashboard, I saw a small photo which appeared to be of his wife.

I smiled and looked out of the window.
He asked, “Where do you study, madam?”
I replied “NIT Hamirpur. Engineering”.
I felt dubious as why he is bothered about where I study.
He seemed impressive. He remarked how my father must be very proud of me, for studying in such a reputed institute.

He went on to tell me how he had a small daughter who was in the seventh standard and wanted to be a CID officer. I smiled reminiscing about my childhood days when I watched the show and aspired to be one. Maybe this child was the same.

He continued how she was always drawn to mysteries and wanted to serve the country by eliminating people who troubled the citizens. I was listening to all those stories silently observing his body language and how his eyes gleamed thinking of his daughter.

Suddenly his phone rang.
From the parts of the conversation, I heard “Yes Sir. I know it is important and I’ll have my life on it”.
Strange !!
The cab driver, having a boss and talking about life !
Maybe he has an alternate job for more income and a presentation he is putting his life into.

Few minutes were gone and again his phone rang.
This time, I knew it was his wife.
I heard “Take care of yourself and our daughter. I’ll be back”.
Strange. Again.
A churning sensation took place inside.
I knew I was safe but then 3 strange occurrences back to back couldn’t be ignored.
Why was he so apprehensive while talking over the phone?

Did I see a shiny teardrop in his eyes when he talked to his wife or all of it was just my wild mind making imagination?

Before I could ponder more, the station arrived. He put out my luggage and I paid him. Before leaving he remarked “Always make your father proud beta. They love their daughters to moon and back”.
I smiled. And bade farewell.
Still feeling uncomfortable.

I shoot down to the platform hurriedly. As I knew, there would be no one to help me perform the most popular scene of DDLJ.

Finally, next day I reached my paradise. The nature was quite pleasing and invigorating and when you have such a refreshing climate, you need to savour it with a cup of tea and newspaper in your arm chair. That morning, as I read the newspaper with my morning tea, I saw a known face.

My insides churned as I read on “A plainclothes policeman who was disguised as a cab driver from a month died yesterday tracing a serial killer who was killing women who were boarding his cab. He spotted the killer on the Nizamuddin station and took the lead. In the knock out encounter that followed, he succeeded in killing him but got gravely injured and succumbed to the injuries. Sadly, he is survived in the heart of his wife and 12-year-old daughter,who aspires to be like him, a police officer”.

His daughter’s dream, the tear in his eyes, his love for his daughter.
He had indeed, put his life in the mission.
It all made sense.
And so did the churning when I had bidden him farewell the earlier day, being unknowingly the last person he had ever talked to.

Leave this to love her❤

“It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is.”

Mr Kerry and his wife were living a healthy and lovely life. In their colourful marriage life, Mrs. Kerry got pregnant. He used to care incalculably for his “On Board” baby. Suddenly, the pain of delivery started. They immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctor began the operation. Now something disastrous happened. The operation was unsuccessful. “Congratulation! You got a baby girl but Sorry! We tried a lot to save your wife, we failed.”

Mr Kerry blown off insanely with pain. He took his baby child in palms and left the building. This immense and dreadful life added black holes to his life. He started alienating from all his acquaintances and daughter too. Unfortunately, he started taking drugs and pills. His goal in life wasn’t living…it was getting high. He was falling in a downward spiral towards a point of no return.

Over the years, he turned to cocaine, marijuana and alcohol under a false belief it would allow him to escape from his problems. It just made things worse. He had everything, a good job, money, a lovely daughter to spent the time,, yet he felt so empty inside. As if he had nothing. The upbringing of Sara was fostered by a home-maid.

From cooking till cleaning all tasks were performed by her maid. On her 6th birthday, she insisted her father for a dinner. They pulled out the car and kicked off for dinner. On their way, Mr Kerry felt suffocated. He paused near a footpath and asked her daughter to stay back in the car. He walked till 1 km, inhaled the drugs and returned back to the car. Sara undoubtedly, observed him and concluded it to be drugs. Still she loved her father the way he was. They reached the baker’s street and had the dinner.

Two days later, the maid informed of not coming tonight. But Mr Kerry didn’t bother much. That evening he inhaled the drugs, drank a bottle of alcohol and went off to bed. He didn’t care what his 6 years old daughter will eat. Later in the midnight at 3, he woke up and walked into kitchen for some food. He opened the fridge and found a sealed pack of pizza. He took out the box, opened it and found a letter “ Daddy, I have ordered our favourite pizza. I found you sleeping so I orderd it. Wake me up, daddy when you eat pizza. You know I never eat without you.”

The tears flow from his eyes. He realized how rude, selfish and callous these habits have made him. The caring letter from Sara changed her thoroughly. He decided to uphold the Anti – Drugs Treatment. The unconditional love of Sara saved her father. Once again they enjoyed a healthy, lovely an colourful lifestyle.