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Remember when we met ?
When I was just a kid ( F Y )
And you said “Come anytime”
“My Cabin is open for all in need”.

I always intended to meet you
With an aspect of learning something new.
Be it social or personal situations
I still remember your words of “let the failures flew”.

Your pretty contagious smile of all,
With a golden heart that never falls.
You are my muse and leader in need,
You are my Pal and teacher in deed.

You have brought out the best in others,
Likewise you have brought out the best in me.
The results of all your efforts are easy to feel,
In all my work that I sended you to see.

Your little appreciation makes my day,
Your little appreciation makes my way.
Please never forget my name,
And remember it’s true you are my fame;
This silly girl will always need,
Great teachers like you indeed.

After two years of waiting,
I am eager to see you soon,
With lots of jargons in our room.
I am always ready to learn from you,
I am always ready to work under you,
You are my torchbearer ;
You are my inspirational book of every little hour.

O my Dearest Ma’am ! You are just like a key,
You have unlocked my mind,
You’ve taught me the steps of success to find.
You are like a guide who moulded my minds,
You are like a shepherd who guided my ride.

Your preachings and teachers,
Will forever remain in my heart,
How you in my black and white life,
Played out your colourful part.
Thanks for all you saw in me
Thanks for all you brought in me.

Published by Nidhi

Writing is my predilection. I love to blog for the length of time. If you come across any of my blog that you find interesting, it is the only natural way to know more about the blog itself. After all, reading one post does not typically reveal all there is to know more about a person behind it.

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