My Super hero💪

A father’s touch, A daddy’s kiss
By a grieving daughter, you are greatly missed.

You are the man who kissed me first,
You are the man who fought for me once.

You selected the house on the ground,
To protect me from every little wound.

You taught me how to ride the bike,
You helped me whenever I broke my right.

You kissed my cuts and taught me love,
You gave me hugs and bought me all.

Whenever I lost, whenever I failed,
You were always there to explain me the hidden gain.

Whenever I thought to opt for any short paths,
You sat with me under the moon and beneath the sky,
To teach me the real meaning of try.

You never compared me with any boy or girl,
You infact moulded me as your super powerful child.


O My Super Hero,
without you, there are no roots,
And with you, there are all the fruits.

It doesn’t matter whether you are cool or not
It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or not.
As a daughter, I will always assure that you are fine,
After all, you are all mine.

Published by Nidhi

Writing is my predilection. I love to blog for the length of time. If you come across any of my blog that you find interesting, it is the only natural way to know more about the blog itself. After all, reading one post does not typically reveal all there is to know more about a person behind it.

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  1. Some people don’t believe in heroes. But they haven’t met my Dad !!!!! kind of this 1 nidhi😍


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