Time Machine

Every night,
When I go to sleep,
My eyes roll back
deep in my heart
As if I’m searching
To sneak back the time.

It’s dark and blue night,
And trees swaying all the side,
Near dusty scary road,
Where crowd of five sipping chai off the load.

Escaping from my warden,
I waited outside my hostel
For you to arrive –
On Royal Enfield
ofcourse two wheeler – on my demand
At a destination which
We didn’t decide yet.

On some day,
It’s a bridge or temple
A forest or a restaurant
that situated at top of the hills.
No worries for, how tall it was !

Embracing the beauty of nature,
Relishing the yellow white lights
Cuddling you from behind,
My face scintillate
just like Jugnoo in dark deep night.

And when the sparkling sun
Showered my face,
I found myself in a hostel
Away from my mumma,
A Royal Enfield amateur rider.

Realizing it a dream,
I recall those days where
we used to sneak out at night
Drive and Ride
Far from worries
Just to celebrate the love
Between you and me❤.

Published by Nidhi Jain.wordpress.com

Writing is my predilection. I love to blog for the length of time. If you come across any of my blog that you find interesting, it is the only natural way to know more about the blog itself. After all, reading one post does not typically reveal all there is to know more about a person behind it.

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