Cold Days, Warm Hearts

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The God, the expert

The deft, the artist

Painted the season of freeze

With a colour of swift.


Winter is the season

that forces you

To pull out camera




Some become photogenic

Some become photographer

Some aims to try out chef

Some aims to spread out ink

And some turned into refined artist

Who ink and sketch out the canopy of winter.



The chef in winter

Plays with the frozen winds 

Who rejoice with

Sweet roasted corns, 

cures the frost,

In cafè conversations, 

Where minds are lost.



Image result for hot chocolate

A mug of hot chocolate,                                               

With some choco bites inside 

Added on a winter night,

With a drop of spiced muches

That Celebrates the cozy freezy winter.




Winters welcome the Christmas

Bids adieu to the spring

Where the snow shivers

And shimmering lakes of silvery ice

welcomes skater’s scarring slice


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Hat and scarf

Mitten and boots

All are wrapped under the snowful grove,

That makes you look

Just like a cute little chubby snow man



Winter’s dance is quite a show,

an ice-kissed, dazzling, sliding

where a magical place,

transformed by winter’s cold embrace!



Published by Nidhi

Writing is my predilection. I love to blog for the length of time. If you come across any of my blog that you find interesting, it is the only natural way to know more about the blog itself. After all, reading one post does not typically reveal all there is to know more about a person behind it.

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