Up Up and the kite roars

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In mid-January comes our Makar Sankranti

On the northern roads, Sun makes an entry

And the days start becoming lengthy.


A time when farmers feel so pride,

Harvests flourish in plenty,

Culinary cultures make delicacies delight

Where undhiyu and Jalebi is served with the crowds.

And Old is replaced by new and bright.


Now waiting to fly some kites

Wanting to cut some kites.

Hey sky, here I come.


The sun looks so vibrant and radiant delight

That shines through the sky so bright,

The child eyed over the string

Wearing dark goggles and hat so thick,

Caught the string like a medal from the sky.


One little kite up in the blue,

Along came together and fell with the two,

Looking pretty, colourful and glowed

Decorating the red-brick wall with

Those splendid colourful glow,

To sell these ready-made kites

And earn handful pie.



The view of multiple kites,

The landscapes of Chinese lamps

Decorates the plain dark sky

Just like a wonderful exhilaration.


First whirling and frightened, then braver grown,

Opposed by the wind, protested by others,

Often shuffled and shake,

But confidence rose to the peak

When saw the banging and thumping of big kite,

That still manage to rise steadily above the clouds,

Therefore, up, up I rose through the air alone.


Laddering above the limits,

Avoiding becoming timid,

Though the storm hit hard

And vanish all you dart,

Don’t forget!

We all fail in the beginning

To rise quite high above all limits.


Also, when touch the clouds

Don’t forget to stay connected

With the ground,

Any eye off from the flat surface,

can cut your string with a local shout of “Lapet”.




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Writing is my predilection. I love to blog for the length of time. If you come across any of my blog that you find interesting, it is the only natural way to know more about the blog itself. After all, reading one post does not typically reveal all there is to know more about a person behind it.

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