The Outside, Wondrous World

When we take the time to examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within our own lives. It is important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become aware of its wisdom. If we ignore the beauty of nature and spend all our time in an urban jungle, our stress levels go up and we begin to feel as if we are made out of the concrete that we see all around us.

Let’s Have More on Havmor?

  Company: Havmor Founder: Satish Chandra Chona       Here the curtains open offering a scoop of strength and dedication with a fine blend of innovation and creativity. Havmor is a rib tickler. It all started in the early 1944, where we were not born though. During that juncture, it was one of the […]

The roasted Banana Leaf

    “True Love isn’t Romeo and Juliet. It’s Grandma and Grandchild who grew old together, and watered the banana plantation together.”   I have watched my grandma roasting the banana leaf, steaming and folding at an optimum temperature on the gas stove. This routine and unique culinary style elevated my curiosity and I asked […]