Dream of Dark

To and fro, to and fro
In my red boat, I just roam.

Bitting the nails
And sweating all way
I reached to a place
Where there’s no way.

The ocean was large
The water was deep
Waiting for long
To help me to feed.

Far from the play, far from my stay
I was watching everything that sails in my way.
I was longing for the love of my mother
I was longing for the care of my father.

Then i found a beautiful colourful fish,
That was sparkling just like a golden fish.
I touched it for the very first time
I held it for the very first time.

I was enjoying the play
But then something disastrous happened in my way.
I observed a big wild shark
Coming near really very fast.

I was tensed by the shark
I was feared by his long arc.
I hold mumma so tight
That she woke up and switched on the light.
Thank God it was just a dream.

My Super hero💪

A father’s touch, A daddy’s kiss
By a grieving daughter, you are greatly missed.

You are the man who kissed me first,
You are the man who fought for me once.

You selected the house on the ground,
To protect me from every little wound.

You taught me how to ride the bike,
You helped me whenever I broke my right.

You kissed my cuts and taught me love,
You gave me hugs and bought me all.

Whenever I lost, whenever I failed,
You were always there to explain me the hidden gain.

Whenever I thought to opt for any short paths,
You sat with me under the moon and beneath the sky,
To teach me the real meaning of try.

You never compared me with any boy or girl,
You infact moulded me as your super powerful child.


O My Super Hero,
without you, there are no roots,
And with you, there are all the fruits.

It doesn’t matter whether you are cool or not
It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or not.
As a daughter, I will always assure that you are fine,
After all, you are all mine.

Pink lines ❤

Two pink lines shown in the kit,
I found my happiness not just a bit.
I ran to your Daddy and blushed like so
He took me in arms and shone without any glow.

From extra care to extra time
Daddy bought your clothers even before time.
Woollen clothes to cover you from heavy cold
And Cotton clothes to cover you from heavy blow.

Everything was ready,
Everything was prepared,
To assure that you are fine
Because after all you are mine.

Then one day, it pained me so trashed,
That brought me to OT even with a flash.
All were waiting patiently to hear your cry,
All were sitting patiently to play with your sigh.

After hours, the Red Bulb now dimmed
The doctor felt graved because he couldn’t save you.

You were in my arms, but didn’t cry,
You were on my shoulder, but didn’t sigh.
So quickly you came into our lives
So quickly you torn all in time.

It was hard to leave you in the room,
Without you, I didn’t find brightness even in the moon.

( Discharged. Reached home and climbing the stairs)

Unlocking the house,
I found something on the floor.
My heart beats little louder
When I disclosed it was baby thereafter.

The eyes of the baby spoke —

“I am only one week old
I am sent from heaven to touch your soul.
Please welcome me in your life
And hug me tight as if I am your child.”

Tiny movements like tiny kicks,

Tiny baby is all mother’s bliss,

Can’t wait to give the tiny you
All the hugs and lots of kisses too.

Now You are my child
And I am your mother.

Chuk – Chuk Journey

Bags are packed and
Books are checked
Uber is ready at the door
To drop me at my road.

The station is decorated with the
Van of colourful icecreams and slush
While the water point is busy in satisfying the rush.

As I hear the jangle of the train
I decided to leave off my tension all in drain.
Now it’s time to get on
Now it’s time to move on.
I hear people singing a song
There is entertainment all along my way
For which I didn’t even have to pay.

Now the train ran on wheels
And i started feeling the sunny scorching heat.
When I looked up from my book
I observed a small baby smiling over my looks.
I offered him candies with some greet
But all he wanted was just my window seat.

I passed by the hawkers
Who are trying to sell
just like a rich stock broker.
Their palms busy with the tray of tasty mango slices
The calls mingled with joyous loud voices;
Of children excited about
their first train journey,
Of couples
to celebrate their honeymoon,
Of families
for playing cards and Antakshri,
perhaps, to attend a wedding,
or to celebrate the birth
of a much awaited child.

Four hours have passed
and time went by so fast
I wonder how long will this last.

The day is getting darker
And the sun little lighter.
And not too far away
The moon is also shining brighter.
In the deep dark night
I see some colourful lights
It was such a colourful and splendid sight.

Ofcourse, the shivering train hampered my sleep
But its memories and reminiscence embellished my trip.

Old bean 💗

When I first met you,
I felt like I’ve seen you somewhere
You kept on listening me.
I bet you thought I’d never end forever.

When i heard that you’re joining my batch
I decided to become your bestie without taking any rest.

Few days later, you got in contact with me
There was something that changed in weeks.
I never felt something so strong as far i know ,
We felt the same for each other that I very well know.

Now a doubt solving call
Was more of “you stout” and “bitch” call.
The call consist more of giggles and fights
Instead of any length, width and height.

It all got stronger in our picnic days
Where you hit me hard
And i bang you down so far.

Our verbal and physical fights
Brought us together
Our “no babu shona” only “Jadey” and “Jadii” bind us forever.

Remember, though true friends are a few,

They are clean souls in darkness just like a dew.
Be appreciative for they are always by your side,
Because they have a fondness for you deep inside.

Golden Flower

I was the first to sow in
the seeds of beautiful golden flower,
But it took a long to turn into a tower
Therefore people declared it as noxious flower.

I was still tensed and worried
Because the plant was still burried.
Now the people called it a weed
Because it took a long to please.

In the next fresh morning
The plant was casted into a flower
Kept all mouths close for several hour.
It then grew as tall as a tower
Wearing the crown of beautiful golden flower.

Some betrayed the flower
Some loved the flower
While some were envy of it for every little hour.

Now in the dark black hour,
The thief stolen that beautiful golden flower
And sowed it far and wide.

The golden flower then blossomed at large,
The golden flower now blossomed all hearts.
Now people understand the importance of nature,
Now people accepted the importance of patience.

They started digging the seeds,
All over the barren beach.
And now the town always blossoms
Just like a rose in all four seasons.

My Bookmark ❤

Remember when we met ?
When I was just a kid ( F Y )
And you said “Come anytime”
“My Cabin is open for all in need”.

I always intended to meet you
With an aspect of learning something new.
Be it social or personal situations
I still remember your words of “let the failures flew”.

Your pretty contagious smile of all,
With a golden heart that never falls.
You are my muse and leader in need,
You are my Pal and teacher in deed.

You have brought out the best in others,
Likewise you have brought out the best in me.
The results of all your efforts are easy to feel,
In all my work that I sended you to see.

Your little appreciation makes my day,
Your little appreciation makes my way.
Please never forget my name,
And remember it’s true you are my fame;
This silly girl will always need,
Great teachers like you indeed.

After two years of waiting,
I am eager to see you soon,
With lots of jargons in our room.
I am always ready to learn from you,
I am always ready to work under you,
You are my torchbearer ;
You are my inspirational book of every little hour.

O my Dearest Ma’am ! You are just like a key,
You have unlocked my mind,
You’ve taught me the steps of success to find.
You are like a guide who moulded my minds,
You are like a shepherd who guided my ride.

Your preachings and teachers,
Will forever remain in my heart,
How you in my black and white life,
Played out your colourful part.
Thanks for all you saw in me
Thanks for all you brought in me.

My Boomerang Mumma💗

When God created the universe in place,
When God hung up the stars in space,
When God made the land and the sea,
He then made you and me.

Your every hug and kiss
Wake my day
Your daily scoldings
Shake my day

For all the times you’ve been there
from the day I was born
For all the times you’ve been there whenever I was torned.
You call me to ask the place
You send me notes to check the case.

You save a lot to adjust the fees
You spend a lot to provide the best teach.
You were always there in my pain,
You were always there in my gain.

Mumma I am really proud of you
When you watch YouTube videos to make delicious brownies,
When you book Uber by yourself,
When you watch your daily Saas Bahu shows on Hotstar instead on TV.

I love my coolest Mumma a lot
When she pulls out specs from the box,
Perches them on nose,
Wears the headset,
And then off to La La Land on YouTube.

The childest you act,
The craziest you behave,
The happiest I become.
Oh my soft- hearted mumma,
Mother’s day is just the occasion to say
I really love you my Boomerang Mumma.

My Best Friend

A Jaadeey like you is hard to find
Whom i always want just by my side.
You are my shoulder to rest upon
You are my punching bag to fight upon.

I could easily foretell
When you had something to tell
As you dropped a stinking bombshell
Because you are my friend in a nutshell.

Your daily morning call for Jaaddiii makes my day
Your daily feedbacks for my work makes my way.
Still to annoy you is my right and aim
And to make you say sorry is my game.

Just like a Jugnoo is hard to fetch
Similarly you with another is hard to match.
I ofcourse feel envy when you are with others
And believe me i can kill you if you shut me for others.

Yes, your heavy stomach makes you pregnant
And my daily aggression makes you stagnant.
You never bath early on time
Which makes our fight little more lime.

An annoying song of Bye makes me Red
And your unnecessary shout over me brings you in threat.
When you didn’t praise me you seem bitter
But when you smile, I fall for you a little.

Best friends are really angels
That God sent along.
They always stay beside you
Whenever things go wrong and so you
So for that, I write this poem for you
and tell you from my heart, THANK YOU!

Colours of Life

A toddler is born with the health in pink,
Rolled in white fur deep with the wink.

He plays and grows with the green in the park,
Get caught by the dog and then cries in the dark;
Later toffies and munchies bring all to his spark.

Slowly and gradually the toddler rise towards the sky.

Then learns the theory of truth and lie
The pink cheeks turned out to be chubby
The dark red hair turned out to be messy.

Sun on head and weight on the shoulder,

the toddler becomes a child and quite bolder. From erasing till inking the child becomes mature,
His ruthless struggle finally makes his career.

Now the skills and degree gives him the job
Which brings him later right at the top.
That 6-digits salary adds up a marriage list
Just like a cycle, he then also prepares his son’s name list.

Our life is just like a leaf. That blossom, shine and rise.

But as time revolves it also dries
And get submerged in the soil.