‚ÄčRichness can not always be linked with the luxuries and bank balance . Sometimes  it  connects  our conscience  , emotions  and sentiments with the other layman
But we people are now tightly conjugated with money. We  measured  every  element , every feeling  with  money and  just MONEY….. . There are  several  instances  where you  can  realize this  thing..

In  our  son’s  marriage  or  any  family  function we  obviously spend  more than  we  get . Even …..we incurr certain  expenses by  going  outside  our  pocket irrespective of  their  requirement….. still when it comes to  give  extra  to  the  servants  and  maharaj  we  shrink  our hand. On against it  …. if  the  maid  of  our house  gifts  us  for  the  marriage  function then  why  we  accept  it  likely…..? Does this suits us ?……  Make an attempt now……who is rich and who is poor.

There’s  one  more  eye – broadning  instance  or  truth  which  you  can’t deny………
We  people  can  posses  the  capability  in making  outrageous  expenses  at  the temple  but  we  step  behind  when  it comes  to  donation..
W can keep n number of bullions  for god but why  can’t  we  just  donate  new  things to  the  needy. ??  
Majority of the people relates donation with ” old items “. They donate old items  , old and  torn  attires   in  the  orphanage…….. Is it richness ??????

One  day  a  begger  was  walking  on  the scorching   streets. He  was  dying  to  drink   water…    but  unfortunately  he  couldn’t afford  to  have  it . He was +78 …. dressed  in  shattered  and  ragged  clothes… .bare  feeted  and   completely  helpness. 

 Now , this condition was enough to help him out with water.  He  thought  that  may be  at  the  name  of  humanity  someone will   give  him   water   to   drink…. so  he went  to  a  shop  and  asked  for  a  bottle….the shopkeeper refused it  because he had  empty  pockets.

   The another  beggar  was  observing  the  entire  scenario. He  purchased  the  bottle  by  begging  and  satisfied the  thirst  of  that  old   poor . This  clearly  shows  that  a  poor  can  help  poor  but  a  rich  cannot  help  poor.

Thus …. poverty  is  not  in  our  bank  balane  but  it  resides  in  our  stubborn  mind. 

” Any  poor  is  not  that  much  poor  that  he  cannot  help  the  poor  then why  we  lag behind  in  helping them  ?”

Believe  me…..we  all  are  very  kind  and  generous  but  we  just  fail  to  prove  it. So  always  try  to  prove  it  at  any  instances  were  you  feel  to  prove  it.
Try  to  place  yourself  at  the  poor  ones  situation  and  then  act…………. your  soul  will   give   you   the   quintessential   answer .

Let’s  make  an  attempt  to blend  our  dimond – worth  life  with  the  sweetness  of the  people.


                  ūüėä THANKING       YOUūüėä

‚ÄčNone can destroy iron but its own rust can……..

Likewise none can destroy ourself but our own mindset can……

Usually,  several times in our life , it may happen  that we struggle too hard and concrete but still end up encountering the bizzare failure.

Just after this bizzare , we find it  cumbersome to provoke and stay alive  against the black night enemies. But  believe me , just a jiffy idea or little strength can turn the tables completely.

Likewise , Ratan Tata , the eminent legendary once illuminated with the idea of penetrating into the passenger car  business to diversified his trade fractions.

Therefore after countless endeavour , he introduced Tata Indica from the scratch. But unfortunately , his fruitful efforts turned out to be a huge failure.The customers didn’t like the model and even the experts too came out with n no. of loopholes.

Thus , this found him in a dark room. He consulted his acquaintances and colleagues about how to redress it because it can ruin out the career of Tata worsely.

Therefore , Ratan Tata visited the owner of ford company , Bill Ford. The employees humiliated Ratan Tata in the meeting saying , ” How can you entered into such a business if you’re not aware of its spellings ” .

These words hit him  just like someone has hitted the nails into his ears. He stood up again and with double efforts he introduced modified version of Tata Indica.During this period , Tata Indica was one of the most selling hatchback.  This car transforms the entire graph of Tata company. They have started making lion’s share in their trade.

Now , the black clouds had covered the future of Ford Company. Bill Ford knocked the door and asked Ratan Tata to purchase his company and pour him with his ultimate favour because at this time Ford was not in a position to stand erect in the market.

Ratan Tata purchased the ford company and the sales of land rover and jaguar was increased by 6 times than in Ford.

Thus , this shows a little passion and a little interest just after encountering the failure  can engrave and demonstrate your real strength and success.


One day a mother was extremely tied up with her work. She left her house in the early dawn and returned back in the late evening. This retained for two consecutive days. Now because of  busy workaholic attitude, the son got outraged and indignant. On third day he just shouted at his mother and claimed for ignoring him.


The son was getting extreme burden from his college for presentation and submission. So on entering the house , he was making himself busy with the loads . Even… he was preferring music and friends at the leisure.

This went on for a week and finally in Sunday evening , he sat with his mother . Affectionately, he laid down his head in her lap and asked her to prepare something delicious for him. His mother prepared a mouth-watering dish and interrogate ,‚Äúchild , what happen.. why are you so fatigue ? Are you busy with your submissions ?‚ÄĚ The boy¬† then realised ,“May be those two days remained really hectic for my mother and I just barked at her ceaselessly. She understood my troubles and woes but what did I do‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ

The son got startled and started crying.   His whole body shook off , and was imploring his mother to forgive him . But the mother was not upset for all this. This shows the interim and immortal love of a mother.








The word ‘unstoppable’ stands for persuing endlessly and unremittingly¬† . Several times we extend our ears¬† to listen the criticisms from the accusers and sometimes we only become the criticizers of ourself. And on contrary to this , if we dream to climb the everest then we have to foremostly sell out this ear .
In our life usually there are two huge walls that restrict us to proceed further . These two walls are ——-
1. Not hearing but listening to others.
2. Listening of yours at astray time.
Lets have a story to get a virtual idea of these walls.
There were two children in the village one of 10 years and other was of 6 years. Once they were playing near the well and unfortunately that 10 year boy fell into the well. Without wasting time , the 6 year child threw a bucket full of water into the well and tied a rope onto it. He pulled him harshly and bitterly and saved that child. Now, they turned back for their home and when they narrated this incident to those villagers they just refused to accept it . They thought ..how a small kid with less strength can save that elder child. But there arrived an old man and he loudly announced ,” yes, i can belive his story because when he extended his hands for help at that time there was no one present to stop him from doing this not even he himself. He was just physically present . ”
This thing might have¬† happened in everybody’s life that when you are trying to do something eye – catching……therr are several people who just become yours ” Devil’s Advocate ” . They are just the accusers who don’t want to see others progressing just because they have faced the failures. So friends, whenever you encounter such kind of people critizing your dream ….just ask them ” TELL ME THE REASON ..WHY I CAN’T DO THIS ?? ” and belive me guys they will really get baffled in front of you.
Now, the second wall is LISTENING TO OURSELVES .
Many times you must have observed¬† that we start stammering while delivering even a small speech . This happens because our conscience is constantly mummering ” Their eyes are on you ”¬† and as a result we end up speedily and partially.
Sometimes we become our own foe and restrict ourselves to initiate the exposure .
Lets have an another example :
One day an employee received a letter and it was written that ” Your enemy …¬† who was hindering your success ratio has died and if you wished to have a last look of him then come at the given address. ” Now the employee visited the place and encountered with a coffin . He opened to see that person and there was nothing , just a MIRROR .
So friends , the day when we’ll break these walls …..we will meet such a person whom we have never met …..”THE MIRROR .”
             Lets make an effort to find ourselves and ONLY .



Humanity …. What is humanity ? Humanity is the quality of being humane. It is highly associated with feeling of manhood. This is the foremost duty of every citizen to abide with it. But And ..but..Are we seriously following ? Think it by yourself. Your conscience will explain you in detail…IF U HEAR IT.
Have you ever seen those poor men and women who are working within the drainage ? They are¬† working tremendously from¬† very morning upto the severe strokes of the sun and we feel irritating and¬† ill-natured looking at this but those poor ones have to work in filt just for filling their stomach. In Diwali we buy superior clothes and prepare various mouth- watery sweets and dishes . We are enjoying our festivals with the bright colurs but what about the children of those poor ones. They are working in drainage so they are likely to become the victim of diseases. Now , you might be thinking what we can do for them and you must be thinking of monetary incentives but actually just one word that broadens their smile……THANK YOU MAM/SIR…..This attitude¬† will reflect our gratitude and… definitely at the spur of that moment we will feel like the child of god. This is what called real humanity.
You have been visited at hospitals where patients are daily struggling with their lives ,…. colleges, office and more. Now the question is …..HAVE YOU EVER THANKED TO THOSE PEONS WHOSE REGULAR CLEANLINESS HAVE MADE US NORMAL AND HEALTHY..??
where is the humanity?? …. Everyone can show respect by offering money and food but very few can prepare a plate and make them eat by their own hands. I am on the way to show the humanity and my humble request to you too is to join me. I hope you may consider it a concrete and pragmatic blog and join me .


Life : way : Informal Life kya hai ?? life means zindagi.. datz it ?? Kya life ka matlb in 7 words me khatam ho jata h ?? Nooo…. Life IS such a pure , serential and holy gift gifted by the god. It is so precious and expensive one though everyone can acquire it but can’t UTILIZE it . It is as costly as the platinum and diamond or ever more than dat. The price of bullians is of no comparison against it. The lucky man with his intelligence can grab this precious opportunity. Life is just liike the reproduction of the mangoes. Firstly it is ripe and little bit bitter but the intelligent chef utilizes the bitter taste and prepare a delicious taste. Life should be full of bright colours and restriction against the dim colours. It should be jst like the wareshouse of smiles , blissfulness , enjoyment , adventures. It is a great and inspirational teacher. By the time passes it teaches us show to deal with different consequences. Life portray the contradiction and connection between the prosperity and sadness. Sometimes life brings on that midst of the way that makes us puzzled to choose the correct one. If one constantly come across huge complexities ….even then dont get panic from this but combat it against with full courage and confidence. It is a saying ” The more u ll run d more it ll persue”. Zindagi ka har pal aisa jiyo k dekne wale b sikhne lage. Life is not all about learning and being formal but its all about earning and turning into friendliness.